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Sturgis Ministry 2017


2017 Sturgis Videos

Sturgis Ministry 2016


2016 Sturgis Videos 

Sturgis Ministry 2015


What a Great Rally! Every year, this just gets better! We had more artists, more staff and more opportunities to witness and minister! This was our 8th Rally at Sturgis and we are so humbled that God chose us to do this! Please take time to look at the videos & photos. God Bless You!!

Sturgis Ministry 2014


GOD IS GOOD! WE HAD AN AWESOME TIME OF MINISTRY THIS YEAR!!! Many Bikers rode by and listened to the music or walked by, listened to music from the grassy hill across the street, pick up CDs and Bibles and stopped to talk to us. We fed several, gave them water, charged cell phones, let one pitch a tent for a couple of nights, anything we could - to serve them. God sent us several new artists. Eddie "Bigun" Day from West Virginia,  Shannon & Cindy Cobberly from Washington, and Bruce Fry from Pennsylvania. What a Blessing to have them join our "Music for the Soul" family.  It was so nice to finally meet Johnny Mannion's family.  (More later!)

Sturgis Ministry 2013


Sturgis Bike Week has happened!!! We had an AWESOME, GOD FILLED TIME IN STURGIS!!! Lots of Ministry (that's why we go);The Mechanic Ministry of Doyle Stout, involving the bus, a biker's motorcycle, and Mark's Van (all the lives touched); we gave away thousands of CDs with Great Music and the Gospel Message; God brought many people to be ministered to, feed, and share God's  Love; Everyone was Blessed by the Awesome Music of the Bands from around the U.S. (Tony Loeffler, Mark Mason, Johnny Mannion, Ed Maina, Rev. Jimmie Bratcher, BigG Mac Combo, BFC Full Throttle Band, Truth Be Told); all of the help to set up and tear down (Bud Aldridge, Bob Hahn, Doyle & Ian Stout, Marshall Rouse, Doug Barnes, Mike Estep, Philip Farmer and many others), those that helped in the Kitchen (Alexa Harrelson, Cyndy Barnes and others); Rhea was interviewed on FOX TV; the first ever, Biker Wedding on our Stage (Congratulations to Vince & Carrie); The Blues Hall of Fame Induction of the Rev. Jimmie Bratcher (from Kansas City, MO.) and myself, Don Overbey (Macksville, KS.) by Blues Hall of Fame Representative, Johnny Mannion. We had GREAT PRAYER WARRIORS and FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS!! We are SO BLESSED AND GRATEFUL to EVERYONE who was involved in any way, especially Doyle Stout, Alexa Harrelson, Marshall Rouse. There are too many to name; THIS COULD NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! God Bless Each One Of You, Don & Rhea

Sturgis Ministry 2012


The "Music for the Soul" Ministry was Awesome this year. We had several new groups; much joy and laughter in the Ministry House and grounds. Many ministry opportunities! Please pray for seeds planted!! 

Sturgis Ministry 2011


The 4th Annual "Music for the Soul" Concerts were held at 1441 Main, Sturgis, S.D., August 6 to 13, 2011, during the 71st Black Hills Bike Rally. When we left Macksville we were concerned about man power to set up and tear down. We went in faith!! GOD PROVIDED!!! A Vendor from California sent her son down to help us set up. A man from North Carolina hitch hiked to be there to help out. For tear down, the musicians offered to stay late and help tear down the equipment. The next morning we had Joe Maxwell, CMA Regional Evangelist and another Evangelist, Paul helped with taking the stage apart and loading it. The Lord provided the Help!!! We praise God!!!!!!! We had at least 7 Salvations on Friday night when the Bikers’ for Christ were there. Marshall lead a couple in the prayer of Salvation and prayed with people through out the week. Don visited with the Hell’s Angels and prayed with several people as well. 3100 CDs and many books were given away. Rhea and Ronda served almost 400 meals. Don talked with a police officer who comes by every year. He said what we are doing is making a difference in the Rally. This year we had more artists; which included Larry Howard, Rev. Jimmie Bratcher, Tony Loeffler, Johnny Mannion, Debbie Milligan, Mark Mason, Jon Onthetrack, and The Full Throttle Band. Praise God!!! They came from all over the United States. We had a Wonderful time of Ministry and Fellowship in the Lord and we were all BLESSED!! As always, God was in Charge!!!

Sturgis Ministry 2010


We completed our 3rd Annual "Music for the Soul" Concerts earlier this week. It was AWESOME! God provided everything we needed from the musicians, to the workers, to ministers to talk to people, to the finances we needed. As we were assembling the stage, people walked by asking, "when is the music going to start." We gave away 2000 CDs and people were very receptive to the music. Our Musician were the Tony Loeffler Band (Tony, Ed Maina, & Mark Breckenridge), Rev. Jimmie Bratcher Band (Jimmie, Tim Gonzalez, Dave Autry, Craig Kew), and Terry Fellers. Staff included Wayne & Alexa Harrelson, Marshall Rouse, Mark Tomlin, Rick Moore, Doug & Cindy Barnes, Catfish & Angelfish, Ray, Brandon, and Phillip. Here are some highlights: We had one man from North Carolina, excitedly run up to Don. He had been here last year, talked to Don and was given a "Bike Blessing" CD. He hit a very low point in his life on 8/30/09 and listened to the CD and changed his life. He said this is the best year he has had; He has not had a drink of alcohol and has repaired his relationship with his daughter and family. One Biker came from Great Bend and visited with 5 of our staff. Two of them he did drugs with in the past. He accepted the Lord. Taking our ministry van, Rhea went with Brother Brent and a couple from the Laboring Few to Rapid City to get food. On the outskirts of Rapid City, the van blew a belt. We pulled into a truck stop and waited while Wayne, Alexa, & Marshall arrived. They brought the right belt, but could not figure out how to put it on without a diagram. Two men and their wives walked by and asked if we needed help. They were a mechanic and his son from Wisconsin and knew exactly how to put the belt on. They would not accept any money, but we had an opportunity to visit with them. We went to the Food Warehouse and a truck had just arrived and we were able to get several items that would not have been available if we had arrived earlier. That's GOD! There was a couple from Floride, who were here last year and observed what we were doing. The Lord laid on their hearts to bring bottles of water with a label stating, "Living Water," to give a way. On Monday, a man and his wife from New York walked by the "free" table and the wife saw the "Texas Heat" Album by Tony Loeffler that her husband, Kenny had played on. When Tony arrived Kenny played several songs with the band and had a good visit with the Loeffler's. We had an alcoholic come for food and needed a place to stay. He was sick with DT's. He came to Sturgis to find a job and couldn't. He went out the next night and got beat up, spending the night in the emergency room. Then another man who had a great deal of misfortune had spent the previous night under a bridge and needed a place to stay. We had extra tents and let both men stay with us. Another man had a wreck when he hit a deer. He believed he was alive because he drank "Holy Water" and came back to say thanks. Several of the men ministered to him and he was lead to the Lord. There was a lot of ministry going on the entire time and a lot of things that we weren't aware of. We prayed with people, served over 400 meals, served people in anyway we could. God will take it from here!!!!! Thank You so very much for your prayers for us!!! This Ministry is funded totally by donations and we appreciate your faithfulness in giving to help us fund our ministry projects!!! We have Chautauqua Co. Biker's Weekend in Cedarvale 9/10 to 9/12 and Joplin, MO. 9/18 & 9/19 coming up. We again covet your prayers and donations. May God Richly Bless each one of you, Don & Rhea Overbey, Overbey Ministries PO Box 72 Macksville, KS. 67557 620-924-8814 overbeyministries.org

Sturgis Ministry 2010

Sturgis Ministry 2009


We had our Hog Heaven Concert on July 18, 2009, which was an AWESOME time!! There were 150 people who came to the Concert!! Danny Daniels from Aurora, CO., Roger Cooper from St. John, KS. and Gerry McCann from Andover, KS. were featured Thank you to each one for sharing your talents! WHAT A BLESSING!!!! There are not words to convey what God did during the 2 weeks we were in Sturgis for the Music for the Soul Concerts! We actually witnessed the Spiritual Warfare that was going on at the 69th Annual Sturgis Bike Week, in Sturgis, S.D., the Devil’s Playground. We saw people come to the Lord and people strengthen their walk. (Go to jimmiebratcher.com to see his Sturgis video.) We decided to leave 3 days early (July 27th) to help out a new Brother in Christ who was going to Sturgis for the first time as a new Christian. He stayed with us; He said he was scared and had tears in his eyes as we prayed and encouraged him the first day there. But everywhere he turned, people that he knew in the world (satan) were enticing him to drink or take a joint. No matter how hard he tried or how much we prayed for him and with him, he still ended up in trouble. He continues to need prayer. FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED (reminds us of Jimmie Bratcher's song "One Rock At A Time": Through the Hog Heaven event we raised substantial funds for the Sturgis Ministry, and we are grateful, but it was not quite enough. When praying with friends on Saturday before we were to leave, we confided that we did not have enough funds for Sturgis; to pay the rest of the rent on the house, to feed the staff, or fuel for the trip home. But they reminded us that they have seen us step out in faith many times, and this was nothing new; GOD ALWAYS PROVIDED! They believed God wanted us there and so did we. So we left Monday evening and headed to Sturgis with just enough money to buy the fuel, an ice chest of food from our refrigerator including left over hog from our Hog Heaven Concert, which was packed in ice and stayed frozen for 10 days. This is how AWESOME OUR GOD IS!!!! We received enough money each day from donations to provide what was needed for that day! And God multiplied our food and we fed the masses! It reminded us of the fishes and loaves! We fed the Staff, Musicians, the 3 to 4 young men who came to help our new brother in Christ and the 2 young brothers who lost their car keys-had no money and were sleeping in their car, CMA Brothers and Sisters, and other Christian Biker groups who came to help. Then Gerry McCann introduced us to a man from His Laboring Few and said he could get us food from the food bank for 18 cents a pound. The next day, they brought us 2 huge pans of Jambalaya, heated and ready to eat, a huge box of individually packaged chips, cereal bars, ready to bake cookie dough (144 cookies), 20lbs of Ground Beef, Ham and much more. The next day they brought cases of Pop, Capri sun, and Crystal Lite. We had so much food, we brought people in off the street to feed, tell them about Jesus, minister to them and pray with them. During Larry Howard’s concert, a man from Ireland sat down on the sidewalk in front of the stage. He raised his hands and listened to the music. Larry reached out to him from the stage and asked if he could pray with him and he did. He sobbed uncontrollably. Several came to talk with him and minister to him. We took his 18 year old son in to the house where we fed him and ministered to him and told him about Jesus. The night before Don pulled his motorcycle into the backyard and almost ran over this kid as he was passed out in the yard and his feet were in the alley. The two brothers who were sleeping in their car stayed in Damon’s tent and helped us out with dishes, trash, and anything they could throughout the week. They were a tremendous Blessing to all of us. We also circled and prayed many times throughout the rally, in the yard, in the house, on the stage.  It was unbelievable, but that’s OUR GOD! We prayed the 3 storms away from us and God protected us from the hail during the second storm which was on Tuesday night exactly one year from the one we prayed away last year that split and went on both sides of Sturgis. We stopped the music while they set off the siren. When it quit, Rhea sang “Jesus you’re so good” (to the tune of You’re no good by Linda Ronstadt) with the band. The wind came up and it started to rain, but we finished the song. We carried the instruments in the house and the men tarped the stage. The hail pelted the ground, but our equipment and the stage were unscathed. People were running in the street trying to catch the hail. Some were about the size of golf balls and there was a lot of rain. Water was running down the street for awhile afterwards and several bikers came in the house to dry off.   Jimmie Bratcher compiled a CD entitled, "Bike Blessing" with friends, to give away. Also Tony Loeffler gave away many of his CDs. They passed out thousands of CDs. We are grateful to the musicians who began arriving on Sunday and many stayed throughout the week playing music on the “Music for the Soul” stage daily, Sunday through Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m. What a Blessing they were!! Special thanks to Larry & Peggy Howard from Macon, GA., Tony and Mary Ann Loeffler from Florida, Jimmie & Sherri Bratcher and Band from Kansas City, Mo., the Darrell Mansfield Band from California, Will Segraves from Georgia, Tony Gant from Tennessee, and Gerry McCann from Andover, KS. Thank you to our Staff, which included Marshall Rouse-Great Bend, KS., Mark Tomlin-Great Bend, KS., Rick Moore-Pratt, KS., Gary Fairchild-Cheney, KS. and Gerry McCann-Andover, KS. and those coming with him were Steve, Dwain, and Phillip from CMA Kingdom Riders-Andover, KS. We appreciated their help as well. Also thank you to the Hell Fighters from Sturgis, Pastor John and Pastor Danny from Sturgis, Melanie & Tim from Michigan, Teach & Joey from Chicago, Denny Reis from Nebraska, Gator from Minnesota, and many others. We are planning our 3rd Annual “Music for the Soul” for next year. At the request of some of the artists, we are going to enlarge the stage. Please keep this in prayer and seek the Lord in how you can help. We will definitely need finances and more workers/people to minister. He will bless you for your faithfulness!! Upcoming dates: Kingsdown, KS. Biker’s Sunday 8/30, Chautauqua Co. Biker’s Weekend, Cedarvale, KS. 9/11 to 13, Danny Daniels will be singing Saturday evening and bringing the message Sunday and Biker’s Weekend, Joplin, MO., 9/26 & 9/27 at the Joplin Church of God with the Jimmie Bratcher Band from Kansas City, Mo. See overbeyministries.org for details. We brought a young man home with us to help out. We are grateful that God put Mike in our lives. We continue to work on the Theater/Studio Project and will be doing more as the funds become available. It will be in HIS TIME! God’s Blessings, Don & Rhea “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.” I Thessalonians 5:18

Sturgis Ministry 2009

Sturgis Ministry 2008


August 1 to 10, 2008 Friends, We would like to THANK Everyone for their PRAYERS and Financial support in our Sturgis Music Ministry in South Dakota. The (Official Name) 68th Black Hills Rally attendance was over 400,000 this year in spite of the gas prices and high cost of everything!! God was in CHARGE and the Music Ministry Concerts were way more successful than we could have ever dreamed!!!! The Concerts ran from 1 to 9 p.m. everyday from Saturday though Saturday (8 days). The stage was set up in front of the porch of our rented house, to the sidewalk just west of the west end of the Strip which extends for 6 blocks. People walking on the sidewalk going to the Strip or coming back could reach out and touch the musicians. We saw Darrell Mansfield give several high fives while he was playing the harmonica. The bikers were on the street headed to and from the strip. Because of the stop sign at the intersection, they stopped and pulled forward, stopped and pulled forward for almost two blocks. As they listened, many were dancing or moving their arms to the beat, pointing up. Just across the street was a grassy hill where many people sat and listened to the music. Many parked their motorcycles by the curb on both sides of the street and listened before they headed down the strip or pulled out to leave. We had three major problems before we left for Sturgis. Satan was trying his hardest to discourage us from going. 1) We did not have all the Finances necessary. PRAISE GOD a special person stepped up and listened to God!! 2) When Don picked up Will Segraves the weekend before at Wichita, the transmission went out of our car on the way home. (We were able to get it replaced and picked up the weekend of 8/23/08.) 3) We were scheduled to leave Macksville Wednesday evening. Since Don forgot to get a larger tag for the truck as he was hauling Wayne's gooseneck trailer full of sound equipment, several of the guys went home. Our good friend Richard Owen, headed back to Great Bend. When he got there, he was having trouble breathing, so he decided he should not go to Sturgis after all and headed back to Macksville to get his stuff. Upon arriving in Macksville again, he got out of his truck, he leaned against it and Don yelled for everyone to pray for him. Six of us all circled him and laid hands on him and began to pray, he collapsed and we lowered him to the ground. I called 911 and they were there within minutes (the ambulance barn is next door to our house). Before the ambulance came, Richard stopped breathing twice and he was unresponsive even after the EMTs arrived. By the time they got him to the Hospital 20 miles away and the Dr. did an EKG; it did not show anything. The Dr. teased him about faking it. PRAISE GOD we were not on the road as planned!! GOD was in control!! We were able to leave Thursday morning. Those going with us were Will Segraves (Georgia), Buzz Ferguson (Ark City), Margaret Logan (Hutchinson), Marshall Rouse (Great Bend), son Brandon and his girlfriend, Hipasha, and Damon Stevenson, our grandson. We stopped in Phillipsburg and prayed for a Biker Brother who is struggling with several issues. We stayed at Mount Shadow Campground in South Dakota and were able to go to the house in Sturgis on Saturday. Ray Springer (Florida/South Dakota) and Mark Tomlin (Great Bend) were there waiting on us. Then Rick Moore (Pratt), Larry Martin (Medicine Lodge), and Gary Fairchild (Cheney) arrived. They all helped assemble the stage and set up the sound equipment. Margaret set up the house and began preparing meals for 15 to 30 musicians and staff daily. She was remarkable!! Then the Glenn Kaiser Band (Chicago) arrived and went on stage Saturday afternoon. Every day at noon we circled and prayed for everything to go according to God's Plan!! The Music and the Fellowship was AWESOME!!!!! We have developed lasting friendships!!!! On Saturday, Gerry McCann (Andover) arrived by himself as Chuck Haukos (Rose Hill) was not able to make the trip because of a stroke. Please keep his health in Prayer!! On Sunday morning, we saw a local man crashed on our porch. He was reclined in a chair, with his arms tucked in his shirt, out of the sleeves. He had kicked his shoes off, one on one step, the other on the next step. He did not hear us milling around. Margaret was going to bring him some breakfast, but he got up, picked up his shoes, carried them, and walked down the street before she could get a plate to him. We saw him sitting on the hill almost everyday. One day he looked like he had been beaten up and he said he was. Marshall gave him a book about Jesus and prayed with him. On Tuesday evening just before we began our evening set, we were notified by Emergency Management that a bad storm was headed toward Sturgis in 30 minutes. We needed to take down our canopies and tarps, take the equipment in the house as the storm was packing baseball sized hail and 80 mile per hour winds. Don told them the Storm wasn't going to bother us; because the Lord had turned an F-5 tornado (remember Macksville '07?) away from us at our Bikers Weekend. Some of us carried a few things into the house, but Don stopped us and said we need to pray. We circled in the yard and prayed to the Lord for protection. The storm split down the middle, going on either side of us causing a lot of damage south and north of Sturgis. The next day we received a card, thanking us for rebuking the Storm and reminding them that God comes first. We have heard that because of our show of faith, they are going to start prayer walks in Sturgis and a Bible Study. GIVE GOD THE GLORY!! One night a young man, Justin, came up and Gary prayed with him. Justin said he had a demon and Gary called for help. Larry, Rick, and Marshall came and all four of them had a part in delivering Justin of 3 demons and leading him to the Lord. They prayed with him for 2 1/2 hours and gave him some information and a phone number of a local church. The last night, the Mansfield Band brought Stew and we had already prepared 24 hamburger patties, and left over Lasagna. After the Artists and Staff were fed, we brought people in off the street and fed them. God sent them to us; they all had a need that we were able to provide with food (no beer-one asked for a hamburger and a beer), water, charge cell phone, restroom, and prayer. There were many, many more Ministry Opportunities, too numerous to mention. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to each Staff: Margaret Logan, Rick Moore, Larry Martin, Gary Fairchild, Mark Tomlin, Marshall Rouse, Bill Sargent, Dan Barnes, Ray, Brandon & Hipatia. Artists - Will Segraves, The Glenn Kaiser Band (Glenn, Ed, Roy & Roy's daughter), Larry & Mike Howard, Jimmie Bratcher Band (Jimmie & Sherri Bratcher, Dave, & Doug), Darrell Mansfield Band (Eric, Johnny Ray, Mitch & Michelle), Buzz Ferguson and Gerry McCann. THEY WERE ALL A TREMENDOUS BLESSING!!! GOD BROUGHT TOGETHER AN AWESOME TEAM!!!! Everything is in motion for next year's Sturgis Ministry. The house is reserved and most of the Artists are committed. We are praying for more Artists to commit and more financial support as we walk in FAITH. We will be available, if God calls us to go. Please keep all these things in prayer!! God's Blessings, Don & Rhea Overbey

2008 Sturgis Photos

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