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We planned to leave for the 2014 Daytona Bike Week on Monday, March 3. However, Wild Bill at the Hog Pen in Ormond Beach, FL. wanted us to come earlier so we could get to know one another before the Rally. So we decided to leave Saturday morning. After watching the weather forcast, we changed plans to leave as soon as possible to avoid an ice storm. Doyle, Ian, & Talaya Stout, Don & Rhea pulled out in the Ministry Bus at 11:53 pm on Friday, February 28. The next morning early, there was an accident involving a motor home on Hwy 50 due to ice on the road. We were just ahead of the bad weather for several days. We arrived in Florida, got set up at the Hog Pen. Then Wild Bill asked us to clear the stage and pack up because a severe storm was headed toward us and it would tear everything up. We explained to him that this was God's equipment and He would take care of it. And He did!! The storm split and passed around us on both sides with rain, and little wind! Then we were asked to shut down our music during the clown act in the mid afternoons. The clown spewed vile and raunchy jokes and comments, and had an evil laugh as people tried to knock him in to a dunk tank. Sometimes he would start while we were still playing. It was obvious of the spiritual battle between good (us "Music for the Soul" Christian Blues) and evil (the adult clown dressed in a black & white jester/joker outfit). Everything went well. We had interest, gave away cds, etc. until Monday evening when Wild Bill asked us to shut down for the night. The next day he said that he liked us and our crew, but the music was not working. He asked us to pack up and move on. This presented a serious problem as we did not have the funds to make it home (Kansas). Our donations to this point were very slim. After prayer and phone calls, the place we were last year, heard about our situation and wanted us to come there for $800. (We paid them $900. last year for nine days. Then one of our guys from the area found the Hog Pen which did not cost us anything! After several phone calls we chose them. They were excited to have us!) With much prayer and meeting with the owner, one of the Ambassadors for Jesus Christ MM used his travel money to pay the fee. So we were able to move next door to the Hang Dawg lot. The need to replace the funds was spread on the Internet and in a short time all his money had been replaced. PRAISES TO OUR GOD!! 

The move to Hang Dawg was meant to be! The day after we moved there, a jewelry business moved within 30 feet of us. Carol, the owner came over to Don while he was running the sound. She asked him if he knew Don Overbey. He said, "I am Don Overbey." As she sunk to the ground in shock, she said I have to show you a text from my Mom. It said, I have a friend who is at Daytona Bike Week with Christian Bands on a Sound Stage somewhere. His name is Don Overbey. Find him and he will pray for your daughter and her business. (It was from a friend of ours from Kansas). Don told her he would come over and pray for her after he finished running the sound for this set. When he went over to the jewelry booth, they were swamped. She saw him and came over and said you've been praying for us haven't you. We have been busy ever since I came back. She explained how they were set up 19 miles away and had not sold a thing. They decided to move to another location, borrow to pay the fee, but now business was better than ever! Rhea had the opportunity to talk to a young woman who had been involved in a national teen youth group and was a prayer warrior. Then she back slid into drugs and alcohol. She clung to Rhea as they prayed, cried and screamed at satan to leave her alone!! She wanted her life back!!! We gave away lots of cds and talked to a lot of people who need Jesus!! On our trip home, God protected us from a 100 car pile up on the Interstate and then later from severe weather. We are so Grateful and Blessed!!!

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Daytona Ministry 2013

This year's "Music for the Soul" stage was in the Hang Dawg Campground across the road from the Iron Horse Saloon on US 1 in Ormond Beach, a heavily populated area. We shared Christian Blues & Rock with the bikers and even the campground management were blown away by the bands. Beginning with Larry Howard, Skip Frye, and new comer to our stage, Harley Lamoureux "Coconut Harley", who plays harmonica with Charlie Daniels. Larry left Saturday to get ready for reconstructive surgery on his thumb, then in a few weeks the left thumb. Please pray for a speedy recovery. The Mark Mason Band from Virginia played with Coconut Harley and a vendor from the Campground, called "Earthquake" Chris Hargrove. Mark & Suzan Mason were there the entire week. We were blessed to have Pontus J. Back from Finland join our stage for the first time. Other groups include Tony Loeffler Band from Flordia, Hound Dog Mike and the Crusade from West Virginia, BFC Full Throttle Band from California. Scott Hazen, Florida on drums, Rey Perez from Richmond, VA. played percussion, and Ed Maina from Florida played the Sax.

Daytona Ministry 2012


We just returned from the 2nd Annual "Music for the Soul" Concerts in Daytona Beach, FL. We were blessed to have a great line up of Blues Artists which included Larry Howard (GA), Johnny Mannion Band (CA), Debbie Milligan Band (CO), Mark Mason Band (VA), and Tony Loeffler Band (FL). We were all blessed with awesome BBQ from Matt Daddy's BBQ, Minneola, FL.; God placed them beside us. We are so very grateful to Him for providing for this ministry!!!

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Daytona Ministry 2011

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God opened the door for us to take our "Music for the Soul" Concerts to Daytona Beach, FL. We were located in Barney's Leather parking lot and were able to minister through the music, and 1 on 1 with many bikers. Artists who shared their talents were the Rev. Jimmie Bratcher & Band (Kansas City, MO.), Larry Howard & Band (Florida), Tony Loeffler & Band (Florida), Glenn Kaiser (Chicago), Johnny Mannion (San Diego, CA.), Terry Fellers (Great Bend, KS.), Spirit Wind (Daytona Beach, FL.) and others. The Sons of God Motorcycle Ministry assisted with setup, teardown, giving out CDs, Books, and Bibles, and in many other ways. We appreciate everyone who helped in any way and pray God's continued blessings on you.

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